Staying Overnight on Board (5/7)

An interesting experience not to be missed in Halong Bay that is strongly recommended by tourists is staying overnight on board. However, if you tend to stay overnight on board, I strongly recommend you choose Bai Tu Long Bay rather than Halong Bay because Halong Bay is always full of boats even at night.

Bai Tu Long is a small bay that is adjacent to Halong Bay and it is less crowded, quieter and more beautiful than Halong Bay and is widely regarded as an ideal place to stay overnight on board by tourists. There are a lot of tour operators offering exciting overnight cruises now that you can search easily on the internet such as Indochina Junk, the first company to sail in this area. Two days a night tour in Bai Tu Long Bay of Indochina Junk is popularly suggested by travelers because of its funny itinerary. 

On the first day, you pay a visit to Halong Bay by boat, go kayaking, sailing, swimming. At night, you stay overnight on board to go squid fishing in the middle of the night and process right away to enjoy the freshness of ingredients. On the second day, you visit Yen Duc float village to see water puppet shows and Vietnam’s traditional art forms.  

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