Bai Chay Bridge (1/7)

Bai Chay bridge plays a crucial role in promoting Halong’s tourism closer to a lot of tourists, creating a breakthrough in tourism when connecting two important parts of Halong city: Hon Gai district and Bai Chay district by crossing Cua Luc Bay. When completed, the bridge is the pride of people in Halong because it is the first cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam built with leading modern construction architecture at that time. Besides, the bridge also set a world record for the main span’s length. Thanks to slender shape, Bai Chay Bridge becomes a unique, outstanding, and romantic architectural feature to adorn Halong Bay’s beauty in particular and Quang Ninh province in common.

Looking up from the bay, so magnificent and splendid beauty of the bridge is that it quickly becomes a not to be missed destination and the symbol of the city. From Bai Chay Bridge, visitors can take a panoramic view of Halong City as well as a wide part of Halong Bay. The scenery of the bay seems much more majestic on being viewed from the bridge. Halong Bay’s discovering journey will be much more memorable if tourists have a chance to set foot on this bridge. 

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